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September 19, 2012


Barbara Selvin

I'm not a member of the futurist coven, largely because I find the thinking too narrowly focused on digital and too dismissive of what works in legacy media - and also because whatever money there is in journalism still seems to reside in the legacy platforms. But I very much like this idea: "not just 'digital first' but audience first."

I'd like it better without the word "just," of course.



This is fantastic news, congratulations, and thanks in advance for you work at TWC! Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to.



Congratulations. But, hey, there's always got to be time to blog. Those of us--seven, eight, oh hell, 10 -- who respect you want to read your stuff!


How dare you leave when I've only just discovered you! I hope you don't mind I've been using the term recovering journalist to describe myself a lot. Good luck with your endeavors! And I'm sure many of us will be utilizing your archived blog posts for years to come.


Congrats, Mark. The forward-looking people in Lawrence have made a great hire. Best of luck, and we'll be eager to see what you make happen.

David Klamet

As both a Lawrence area resident and someone who was involved in some of the innovative things the organization tried, I'm eager and hopeful this will be the first step in making the Journal World et al, what we've hoped it could be.

Mark Potts

David: Thanks for your note. I'd be fascinated to talk with you about what you've seen us do in the past--and what you think we need to be doing. Ping me at the paper starting next week.
Best, Mark

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