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May 16, 2011



Yes, there is something about $2 worth of anything of serious interest for just 99 cents!

Or, fifteen minutes worth of pleasure for 99 cents may just be a done deal.

This has little to do with an article per se, though spending 15 minutes glimpsing Apple from the inside was for a good many irresistible at 99 cents. I wonder if more than half who bought at 99 cents would think the same at $1.99.

How about the 99-cent per week subscription. The Daily is there to not all that much acclaim at this point. Maybe it is the piece and not the collection where 99 cents make sense.

Can a journalist find 10,000 subscribers for an article a week at 99 cents per? Maybe not journalist, but short story writer perhaps?

Ah, the 99-cent transaction is what this is about, not even Apple ...

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