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July 30, 2009


Angela Connor

I am quite impressed with this, Mark. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with the revenue model (we make money when you make money) or the fact that you have taken what you learned from Backfence and turned it into a project that will keep others from having the same experience when you could have very well hoarded the lessons learned, and let them learn on their own. You've got an amazing group of people working with you. Do keep us readers of your blog abreast on the goings-on with GrowthSpur. Good LUCK!


Pretty fascinating, and I wish the best for the lot of you in supplying what looks like a niche currently or soon to be laden with demand.

One component I'd love to see you plug in would involve some critical thinking coulped with creative expertise in coming up simply with better online ads. No flashing for flash sake or monkeys bouncing back and forth across the screen. Ads that attract the visitors' attention perhaps in part through context and in part through visual appeal yet somehow sufficiently understated so as not to upstage the visitor's main goal in visiting, which usually is to obtain some certain information.

Just a thought, and no doubt easier said than done.

Mark Potts

We can't solve every problem--but that's one we hope to attack through partnerships with some innovative ad-building software companies and next-generation ad formats. Watch our blog at www.growthspur.com for more info in the weeks and months to come.
Thanks, Mark

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