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June 22, 2009



It's not just GCI that is in this sort of trouble, but also MNI. In fact, I am expecting a bankruptcy filing within the next few weeks if not days as McClatchy chokes on its debt.
Gannett has several more rounds to go before it reaches this point. What I found fascinating in that TheDeal.com story is the seeming inevitabiity of a bankruptcy outcome, given that debt-holders have an incentive through credit default swap (essentially insurance policies) to see the company go under because they will make more money that way. That got me going on the thought about how many other newspaper companies are in these straits. Is the bankruptcy of the NY Times now inevitable because of its bond debt?

Dennis Yu

While US traditional media is getting hammered-- whether the publishers like you mention, radio (clear channel in chapter 11 now), and yellow page players (DEX and Idearc), you should consider that the Times of India is rocking it! We can learn from international players to consider how US players can turn it around, instead of the gloom and doom of online eating up offline-- a tired story to be played for years to come.

Some other players are embracing social media, allowing frictionless publishing (not the traditional newsroom model of daily meetings to review what goes on the front page, nor unionized staff). Move nimbly with fewer staff-- just like this excellent blog!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Ultra Light local event in a few weeks.

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