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February 09, 2009


Michael Duck

Well said, Chris and Mark.

One of the key assumptions in the current debate over "saving" newspapers is that the newsroom model of the last three decades must be preserved at all cost. And certainly many elements of that model are worth preserving.

But maybe not all of them.

Angela Connor

Hey there Chris!
You and I have certainly had our share of discussions as Tribune alumni. Way to provide some perspective and a real reality check. Good post. Thanks for having him, Mark!

Michael Duck

You may have seen this already, Mark, but this post got me thinking about why your Flat Earthers are so determined to preserve a model of journalism that's not all that old -- and that frankly doesn't have the track record you'd expect, given the way we journos talk about it.

The rest of my argument is here on Crunchable: http://www.crunchable.net/articles/?p=609

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