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December 16, 2008


Martin Langeveld

Mark, You are totally correct about Mutter's former (perhaps for good reason) circ exec.

No circulation manager I've ever met could understand why it was a good idea to put any news, whatsoever, online for free.

Meanwhile, most of them tried any avenue they could think of to give away (or otherwise get rid of) printed newspapers and still have them count as paid under ABC rules.

Angela Connor

Whoa! I agree with you there Mark. That must be one of the dumbest quotes I've read in a while. Way to dissect it. It's like the old thinking (well still current for some newspaper sites) that linking to competitors is the wrong thing to do. Reminds me of the thought process at my old paper that people would put down the paper to head to the computer to the online refer that we went out of our way to make sure got printed, complete with it's own redirect in many cases.

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