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December 17, 2008


Bill Dunphy

Hey Mark - Getting newspapers to focus on online advertising (and especially on doing it right) is very smart advice. But Langeveld is dead wrong on one key point - integrated sales staff. I would argue, and there's solid research from Borrell Associates (as part of the American Press Institutes excellent Newspaper Next project) which shows that the newspapers that captured a disproportionate share of online revenue in their markets ALL had dedicated online-only ad staff. You NEED online only for a couple of very good reasons: reps selling mixed platforms will naturally push the most lucrative (and that's still print, by far) and they'll sell to their same old clients, which, when successful often just cannibalizes the print revenue or increases it incrementally. Online-only reps, especially those without a print background are going to find a new customer base, and because their darn dinner depends on it, they're going to push online very, very hard. These are the ones who will innovate for you. Let the print sales reps cross sell and generate some small increases, but look to the new kids to really drive new sales.

Mark Potts

Bill: Thanks for the comment. I go back and forth on this one, and in fact double-clutched a bit in listing it as a smart comment by Langeveld. I understand the need for different approaches (and management and compensation schemes), but I keep thinking, perhaps optimistically, that if the right management, compensation, training and sales personnel are in place, successful integrated sales should be possible. I can dream, can't I?

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