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November 17, 2008


Sam Shepherd

Hi Mark

I think this is very true - and the main problem is that lots of papers not only use the same advertisers online but the same advertising: it's an add-on to the print revenue and not being sold as a seperate entity. So obviously as the paper revenue drops off, so will the internet.
Sometimes I despair at how far our newsroom is from where it should be.. and then I hear about advertising and they're another five years behind us


As they say in these parts, ya wikkit smaat. My client - Mediaspace Solutions, the planning/buying group - uses the line "newspapers are the consumer's essential local resource." In some ways, it's true. But, as you say, they really miss the concept of contextual ads (that have made Google sooooooo much money). What's saddest is that the vast majority of NPs seem genetically pre-disposed to miss The Next Big Thing.

My local - Providence Journal - is hamstrung by their parent-company Belo. For example, Belo hosts all Belo blogs on one domain: beloblogs.com - so on comScore, those clicks don't roll up into the actual newspapers. They have virtually no control over interface, platform or layout.

Like I'm saying anything you don't know...

Anywho, check out the Mediaspace Solutions discussion forums recently launched. I just posted a link to your story about papes going weekly. That idea is really starting to make sense to me. Weird.



Using the internet to advertise or post a newspaper is a big risk. Why? it is because obviously people still prefer reading the newspaper in the paper rather in the internet.

Mark Potts

No, they don't. Check out the latest Pew study: the Internet has surpassed printed newspapers as a source of news:

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