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November 06, 2008



You failed to note a few points:
-- The keynote speaker at this event is Steve Miller, author of The Turnaround Kid: What I Learned Rescuing America’s Most Troubled Companies. The book tells his story about being an executive with the Chrysler auto company, and a Delphi auto parts executive. Well, we all know what condition Detroit is in. What is he going to tell newspaper execs: if they want to protect their monopolies, they need to follow the path of the auto monopolies and stream to Washington for a government bailout soonest or they are going to be out of business?
-- In what must certainly be a sign of the times, the API says this is going to be all-expense-paid for newspaper execs, including free room and board at an exclusive Reston, Va., hotel. And $500 in travel subsidies. Considering that most of the newspaper executives attending aren't going to get much of a bonus this year, and certainly are struggling on their six or seven-figure salaries.
-- The event is convening on Nov. 13, the 300th anniversary of the surrender of Bonnie Prince Charles troops in Scotland. Speaking of lost causes. I bet they newspaper execs are going to drink a lot of scotch to that event.
-- The press is excluded, and the remarks of newspaper execs are to be on a not for attribution basis.

fort lauderdale

Ha! That's some good material. Nice work.

Marsha Ducey

Love the post!

How about:

--50:1 to talk and 49 to listen, agree and make the 1 feel important


very funny. thx.


nicely done!

Chuck Peters

Mark -

I am at API Summit, and am the only one liveblogging at http://cpetersia.wordpress.com

Nothing I blog will be attributed.

There is good attendance, energy and attention.

We all agree that there are structural issues.

Hope to see you at live blog.


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