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September 15, 2008



Aggregation works. But we still need original news source and commentary. It's just that different people view links differently.


Content, Links, Informations, discover, learn…
Ok it’s the web.
People wants more than just a PDF…

Angela Connor

They will pay for that strategy, and a high price. I still maintain that if you show your audience that you will send them to the good stuff, they will come back for more. The newspaper industry should understand the concept of building trust, and that is why this escapes me. Come on! You cannot own the web and I know you want to own your news but a new mindset is way overdue. I swear this makes my blood pressure go up ten notches.

Maxine Teller

Yep, couldn't agree more, Mark. It's about the "2.0 mindshift" that I talk about a lot: from broadcast to collaboration. Thanks for sharing the Publishing 2.0 post -- should be read and really absorbed by more news orgs.

Rick Waghorn

It's something we're very keen on at MyFootballWriter here in the UK; newspapers still have the whole high-horse thing going on... that they are the only news show in town. No, no, no... not any more. Might be a bit like old King Canute asking for a towel, but the link economy is where we're all head...IMHO.


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