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August 29, 2008



As an armchair observer, what fascinates me about the Palin nomination is frenzy over Bristol's pregnancy. Here is the first story I know of that was developed on the blogs, which then blew it into tropical storm strength before the MSM turned into a full-scale hurricane that swept through the convention. I have never seen anything quite like this before, and I think the whole process is really subject to manipulation and spin. It is fascinating how the McCain media spinners have been trying to dampen it down, snapping back at the MSM for what athe bloggers started and are trying to continue. See the WPO's Howie Kurtz piece today about the on-the-record tongue-lashing he got from McCain's spokesman. It all shows how uncontrolled and uncontrollable is this new media. I suspect, we will hear much more about controlling and regulating blogs in the months to come. This is a country that historically does not like uncontrolled media.

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