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July 25, 2008



My prediction for the 13th part: we all wake up and realize it was a bad dream, like Colman McCarthy would have written it. I absolutely disagree with you on this issue: the Post's Chandra series has been an unmitigated journalistic disaster. The prose is juvenile, the news is non-existent, and the reporting thin. Reread it again, and tell me where they established that Chandra had been murdered. There were no autopsy findings, no indication of how she died. Maybe she was attacked, but where is the evidence of that? Maybe she had an undiagnosed heart problem. From the WPO, we just don't know, and that is the failing I see. I will read the 13th part with anticipation.


Sorry, brain fart, and obviously meant novelist Cormack McCarthy, not former Post columnist Colman McCarthy.


And now having read the ( mercifully ) last of this series, I reiterate: what proof is there that Chandra was killed?

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