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June 15, 2008


tish grier

Hi Mark...yikes! that front page is ugly!

and it's not just that they need products that engage readership--but they need people to help first engage the readership. One thing I've noticed in all my community development stuff is that people don't just show up at sites and get all enthusiastic and add content. Sometimes there needs to be a person there--and that person has to be someone that is known, in an f2f way, to them. Online is often most effective when there are humans behind it, and we know who the humans are. Sadly, too much money is put into the engineering and little into the person who will make the community. That may be changing in the near future though...


A spot on post about the real problems at newspapers. In my case, the zoned "neighbors" edition of my daily paper had not one story that actually related to the community where I live because they have made their zones so large that there is nothing really local about them. And on Mondays - when there is nothing but left over news - they put in the daily articles about communities 50 miles away - I could care less.

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