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April 23, 2008


Dave Mastio

Couldn't the NYT's dodge the whole thing and abandon NY altogether as a front in the war and set out to defend and expand its perch as the national left-leaning paper. Seems to me like that could be a lucrative niche Murdoch would be helpless to assail.

(Not to toot my own horn here, but a couple posts back on editorial pages, I said, "I think a smarter publisher would be coming up with a strategy to expand the local opinion section." What did Murdoch's redesign do at the WSJ? More space for the opinion section.)


>selling out to Murdoch, might be the inevitable outcome

Seriously, why do you continue to pretend to have some kind of authority on these matters, when you repeatedly show that you have no idea what you're talking about?


Hyman Roth always made money for his friends. So does Rupert Murdoch. I want to work for Rupert Murdoch.


Hmmm. Hemmed in by what? A couple of mediocre tabloids and a repurposed Wall Street Journal meets USA Today? And this assumes that Murdoch is going to "out quality" the Times in pumping up all these properties? Then why isn't Fox the flagship TV network now, using that logic?

The Honorable Anon....

I'm a delivery foreman for the Times...don't know if you know what 'wholesalers' are but the Times owns a Company called "City & Suburban Delivery Systems". From Reuters: "The Company's subsidiary, City & Suburban Delivery Systems, Inc. (City & Suburban), operates a wholesale newspaper distribution business that distributes The Times and other newspapers and periodicals in New York City, Long Island (N.Y.), New Jersey and the counties of Westchester (N.Y.) and Fairfield (Conn.)."

These other papers include the NYPost, the Daily News and Newsday. Yes, Rupert PAYS the Times to distribute his papers in the burbs. If you think this is going to last for long, well..........He is tightening the noose; when he gets Newsday all his presses will be multi capable; he'll be able to print the Post on WSJ presses, etc. and then lets see who distributes them. I haven't seen one mention of any of this in any of the speculative articles, but believe me, the Times is mucho worried.........

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