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November 14, 2007


Jon Garfunkel

Murdoch said: "We are studying it and we expect to make that free, and instead of having 1 million (subscribers), having at least 10 million to 15 million in every corner of the earth." Here's the AP story Dube neglected to link to:

Yes, it's a bad headline for Dube, who could have cleaned it up just by prefixing "Murdoch:". And it's a bad blog post as it's missing the link. And it reflects poorly on the organization of which I'm a member which co-brands with Dube's blog (ONA). I've expressed to ONA in the past that it should be an organize aggregation of members' content, rather then just the Vice President's.

There's been plenty worse jumping the gun on the blogosphere. Having studied this phenomenon (The New Gatekeepers) for as long as anyone, it's clear that the blogosphere amplifies stories and people it likes. It was not designed to amplify truth. (though, undoubtedly at times, truth happens)

In response to your previous series, can you see why newspapers still have qualms about making alliances with bloggers? When even the best trained journo-bloggers still make obvious goofs which never would have seen the ink of print? I don't think it makes much sense to jump blindly forward while abandoning old values-- unless newspapers want to be where cable news is.

Jon Garfunkel

Mark-- Jon Dube updated his website because I read your comment along to him ("And when it comes from a journalist-blogger writing under the imprimatur of a journalism site, it's inexcusable.") He explained that he had hurriedly posted it from his Blackberry.

How about the CBS News blog (supposedly a *real* journalistic institution, not a one man shop) using as its headline "Another one bites the dust?"


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