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January 11, 2007


Mary Specht

Why haven't we seen more here about developments at Backfence.com? Surely you must have some thoughts. Might you consider throwing us a bone?

Mark Potts

Thanks for writing, Mary. This blog really has nothing to do with Backfence, so I'm not comfortable talking about the company here. And there are a great many confidences and sensitivities, particularly to our current and former employees, that I want to honor.

But I will say that Backfence's sites are fully operational and continue to serve our communities and advertisers; that the investors, board, managers and employees and I remain very excited about the potential for advertising-supported user-generated hyperlocal community news and information sites; and that we're also very excited about changes in strategy and product that we're planning for Backfence.

Unfortunately there's been a great deal of ill-informed analysis and speculation that we've chosen not to fully address publicly because we're working so hard on the company. But to slightly paraphrase Mark Twain—who himself knew a lot about fences and communities—reports of our death are greatly exaggerated.

Update: See also Greg Sterling's latest post at http://gesterling.wordpress.com/2007/01/12/backfence-and-setting-the-record-straight/#comments

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