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December 19, 2006


Mary Specht

I'm eager to see the execution. A few years ago (ok, one year ago technically) I was a teenage girl, and I've done a few scrapbooks. So naturally I wonder how much you can "draw" on this flipbook and how flexible it is to customize.

Do the pages have templates, or can you literally import anything and put it anywhere? All creative people hate templates. And you can post video and sound, right?

Conde Nast is certainly doing some interesting stuff online. Are they going to use flip to promote some of their own brands? Teen Vogue seems like a good fit--why not? And speaking of corporate innovation, I wonder if there's been any word on if they plan to make any changes at reddit?

flip sounds like a good idea, but I do wonder when the social networking market is going to get crowded. Isn't it tiring to post things to Facebook, MySpace and Flip? A social networking site seems to be something people only want one of (because they're so high-maintainence), so I worry when Conde Nast says it wants to complement MySpace instead of replace it.

(Let me qualify this: I'm up for more than one networking site if they're for distinctly different purposes. For example, I have Facebook for fun and LinkedIn for work. But I worry flip isn't different enough from MySpace to make it worthwhile for teens to maintain both).

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