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March 20, 2009


Chuck Peters

Mark -

Absolutely! on "spend more time trying to bring the good ideas of Conover, Jeff Jarvis and others to life"

Jeff Jarvis's What Would Google Do gives a comprehensive overview of the drivers of the individualized relationship economy.

Dan Conover's Xark piece of yesterday gives us the intellectual framework, activities and technical infrastructure necessary for us to succeed with our C3-Complete Community Connection efforts.

We are way behind, and have to get going.

We will try to report progress at http://cpetersia.wordpress.com



Thank you for finding and mentioning my thoughts on http://fernsehtek.wordpress.com

I am closely watching the http://indenvertimes.com folks gain momentum but shaking my head at their still thinking like school kids selling lemonade from a stand on the street corner. The last line from your exerpt of Conover says it all, "The current meltdown is just a warm-up act." Until their thinking changes to a goal other than keeping papers alive then they are only rough drafts of the future answer. I wish I had the answer, I love good story telling and would hate to see everything boiled down to 140 characters.

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