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April 08, 2008


Michele McLellan

Mark: I think we had some weird consciousness blip yesterday. I wrote: "It's the engagement, stupid" as the headline for my take on the new online credibility survey @ www.knightdigitalmediacenter.org/leadership_blog/

It's the public's party now and the journalists are still invited. Let's hope more and more will join!

Chris Tolles


Yes -- Topix is driving tens of thousands of comments a day on the Tribune network... And if you required registration, there would be, well, a lot less engagement on their sites.

Really, to get massive engagement, you can't burden people with a double authenticated registration process -- it just doesn't work.

The opinions on anonymous commentary go hand in had with not wanting to dirty the hands of journalists with engaging with the hoi polloi.

Journalists that don't engage and news sites that limit commentary to registered users will both be pretty rare in 10 years, would be my bet.

(I'll also point out that Topix is active with 110,000 comments a day across 20k cities and towns every month. Seems like lots of average people like anonymous commentary. Mind you, we have the most sophisticated system around for dealing with people via IP address, so it's hardly the free for all you're purporting here.)

Chris Tolles
CEO Topix

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