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June 18, 2007


Mary Specht

Are you talking about the surge in washingtonpost.com people on facebook? I've noticed that, too--everybody there got religion! That said, I'm going to go facebook you right now...

Charlie Barthold

Two thoughts:

-- Increase in invites (which I am partly guilty of). In recent months LinkedIn has improved its ability to find people it thinks you should be linked with simply by sifting through your profile. Thus, I see lists of people from GW, Space.com, Yachting, McKinsey, etc. You're right -- it hasn't led to any jobs, opps, etc. but it has reconnected me with a few folks and helps me keep score. Not necessarily the foundation of a strong business plan but ...

-- Where is this headed? Absolutely no clue. But I have this feeling that its importance will increase. Same with Facebook. Everyone coming out of college creates communities this way and it's only going to increase. My nieces/nephews are on Facebook all the time. I don't quite get it but that's how they stay in touch. And I refuse to step back and be the one saying "Back when I was a kid working with Mark Potts we didn't do it this way ..."

Mark Potts

I'm starting to wonder if the rise in LinkedIn invites is a spinoff of the simultaneous explosion in Facebook. In the few weeks since Facebook has been opened wider, I'm finding it to be light years better--and more popular--than LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn suddenly feels so...over.

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